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Toothbrush Bamboo 100% Biodegradable Eco with Charcoal Bristle

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  •  Home, hotel, travel 
  •  Biodegradable, natural, environmental
  •  Whitening 
  •  Customizable 
  •  18 cm 
  •  Bamboo handle
  •  Soft, medium, hard 
  •  Made in China 
  •  Nylon, bamboo charcoal filter material 
  •  Kids or adults 


  •  Slight bend in handle for comfort  
  •  Heat treated to carbonize the surface of the bamboo providing water resistance and preventing the growth of microbes 
  •  Bristles made from a synthetic nylon six of which is resistant to microbial growth during normal use to ensure safety and durability 
  •  Packaged in a recycled carbon box 
  •  Bamboo is an abundant renewable timber that grows rapidly without the use of pesticides  – far preferable than a plastic handles made from nonrenewable, polluting petro-chemicals 
  •  Reduces the amount of non-biodegradable plastic entering landfills each year. At the end of its life, bamboo toothbrush handles will biodegrade into your garden soil or compost without pollution
  •  Environmental toothbrush owned company with a commitment to sustainability 

I love this personally because I can write my name on this toothbrush and write the date so I never have to worry about over using my toothbrush. It is cool because you can write the names of everyone in your entire household, you can even have the names engraved on the toothbrush and give it as a cool gift. I love how this toothbrush feels on my teeth also. Lots if value for a low price