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Service Agreement

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Service Contract and Agreement


All fees are due and payable in advance on a three-month, six-month or yearly basis. Accounts are considered delinquent if not paid on due date and mail will be held pending payment. Late fees are applied to any delinquent mailboxes. $10 will be added after the due date if payment is not received. An additional $10 per every 30 days for up to 3 months will continue and after, services will be terminated at the option of POSTAL UNLIMITED® 90 days after due date. To reinstate, customer must bring their account current and pay fees associated with their delinquent mailbox and fees associated with establishing a new mailbox. There will be no proration or refunds for cancellation of services or early cancellations and terminations. If prior arrangements are not made for mail forwarding upon termination of services, POSTAL UNLIMITED shall, at their option have customer's mail returned to sender or destroyed. Upon customer's termination of service, POSTAL UNLIMITED will forward customer's mail providing forwarding fees are paid in advance, not to exceed 30 days.


COD items will be accepted only if prior arrangements have been made and payments has been left in advance with POSTAL UNLIMITED.


Mailbox Keys and Codes

Possession of a mailbox key or assigned keyless entry code will be considered by Postal Unlimited® as authorization to remove mail. Do not share or make copies for others. This is strictly prohibited and easily noticed. We know what key we assign. Any damages or vandalism as a result will result in legal action and or a lawsuit. Some customers have been denied access. Do not allow others inside when you are retrieving your mail. Ensure the door is properly secured after you've left. If customers claim they lost their key and need help getting into our store, tell them to contact our 24 hour number and we can assess why their key or code is missing. In most instances, a missing key is due to their 24 hour access being revoked or they are a cancelled mailbox. We do make copies if you lost your key(s) and we do re-key the mailboxes as necessary. The store has surveillance 24 hours, 7 days per week.


All information contained on this application will be considered confidential and will not be disclosed except when legally required. All renewals automatically agree to updated terms and conditions of Postal Unlimited®.


Mailbox Rental Use

Customer agrees during the rental term of this agreement to use the rented mailbox ONLY for lawful purposes and in conformation with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Applicant also agrees to protect, indemnify and save harmless POSTAL UNLIMITED from and against any and all claims, demands and causes of action of any nature whatsoever, and any expense incidental to defense by POSTAL UNLIMITED of any such demand or action arising out of or in connection with applicant's use or possession of said postal box and including, without limitation, all demands, claims and causes of action for personal injury or property damage arising from such use or possession, for failure of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver on time or otherwise any item (mail, parcels, etc.) for damage to or loss of postal box contents by any cause whatsoever, and for any violation by applicant of applicable federal, state or local laws. In addition, applicant agrees that upon default in payment required by this rental agreement, POSTAL UNLIMITED may at its option, as security for rent owed, withhold or refuse applicant's mail during the period of default and should default continue, may withhold mail indefinitely or return mail to sender.


Additional Terms • Initials required

Individuals signing up as a business entity, subcontractor, or for use other than typical use for a mailbox must adhere to any changes, rates, fees, and updates applicable. Changes may occur and take in effect immediately. Space rental rates are typically higher than mailbox rental rates.


• Your monthly mailbox rate as specified in relation to its dimensions and size as described may incur additional charges if in fact your usage goes beyond its parameters. Using our floor as storage, excessive mail and parcel holding or handling, or mail and parcels outside of its designated dimensions will result in additional charges of which you will be charged and invoiced separate. Late payments will result in late fees as well as your mailbox blocked until payment is received in full. Subleasing is not permissible. For any "mail services" requests and rates please contact us. Your mailbox is only to be used for yourself and up to 5 members of the same household.


• New rate changes, terms, and increases may occur and occur naturally as with any business and should not be taken personal. Customers will be notified via email, wall memo, or in person in advance. There is ZERO tolerance for aggressive, hostile, or belligerent behaviors regarding notifications of any changes. These behaviors are not tolerated and may result in immediate termination of your mailbox of which we do not provide any proration or refunds of services. Also 24 hour access IS revocable and NOT available to every applicant. As a courtesy we currently continue to provide 24 hour access to some members, however any violations will result in termination. All contracts states clearly that rates are for your mailbox NOT excessive parcels, handling, storing, etc. We have made exceptions in the past and no longer provide these free services due to increasing volume. Cancellations are to be done in writing and acts as a 30-day notice to vacate the mailbox. Keys are due within the 30 day time frame or the customer is responsible for the lost key, rekey fee.


• Monthly mailbox rates do not include space usage. Mailbox rates are exclusively for the chosen mailbox and its perspective dimensions. If you have a parcel(s) larger than your mailbox dimensions we will put it in ONE of our available larger mailboxes (dimensions 16x11x9.5) and place that key in your mailbox to retrieve that parcel(s). Excessive services as described will result in fees. Unfortunately due to growth and expansion of Amazon and increasing parcels received daily by our store we no longer provide any free services nor do we provide 8 free parcels. Postal stores have yet to find means to combat the exponential increase and growth in parcel handling therefore customers must incur the costs for the increased services. Our store was the last to make the change which allowed our customers extended free services.


• If your parcel cannot fit in our largest mailbox it is considered oversize and we do charge for storing, handling, holding, labor, and services associated. Mailbox holders receiving oversize parcel(s) that fall outside of the dimensions of the ONE available larger “after hours” mailbox must pay $5 or more per depending on size and storage length. Please note, if you have 40 small parcels that come in and any cannot fit in the “after hours” mailbox, that parcel counts as 1 oversize also. Again, excessive parcel handling comes at a charge.


• The largest package we allow in our store is 25x25x25 no heavier than 25lbs. Please let us know in advance if something greater than this size will be incoming. Packages this size must be picked up the same day and we must be notified in advance to accommodate otherwise this package may be refused.


• Drop offs requires a service. We no longer provide free drop offs. $5 or more per parcel dropped.


Thank you for being the better part of our store. We appreciate your continued support. We will continue to offer the best in town, provide the most services, and will always strive to give the best rates. You consent to receive emails from Postal Unlimited® about promotions and opportunities we may offer in the future. Please visit,, or for additional services. 


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