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Air Curtain 48” AWOCO

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Advanced Quality, Innovative Pro - A brand for high quality equipment/appliance.

Innovative technology and robust engineering have advance every aspect of our products. All Awoco products are professionally designed for modern day commercial or residential use. Buy with confidence that Awoco will always provide high quality products.

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Advanced Quality, Innovative Pro

Air curtain is a powerful fan that creates an invisible high speed air barrier over the entrance to isolate the interior and exterior air environment and maintain temperature separation.

Awoco Air curtains are a huge energy saving device as they help to prevent the conditioned air escape to exterior, blocking the entry of dust, smoke and flying insects.

Magnetic switch works easily with any kinds of doors and windows, even the door isn’t closed fully.

  • Isolate Interior from Exterior Air & Block Flying Insects
  • Shutoff Delay Magnetic Switch
  • 2 speeds of operation
  • Easy Installation

Key Features


Shutoff Delay Magnetic Switch

This air curtain has an electrical-magnetic circuit control with a magnetic switch. New delayed shutoff keeps the air curtain on for an additional 2 seconds at door closed position. Protects the motors from shutting on and off repeatedly. Provide extra air when the door is closed.

Front Air Inlet vs Top Air Inlet

Front vs Top Air Inlet

Front Air Inlet for FM12 & FM15 series, the air curtain can be installed right under the ceiling.

Top Air Inlet for FM35 series, which requires at least 2" clearance from air curtain top to ceiling.


Easy Installation

Refer to Technical Specification for User Manual. Installation should be easy when following the 3 steps. Save energy by keeping the conditioned air inside and blocking 90% of heat/cold air, dust, smoke, flying insects, etc.

a Lo/Off/Hi Switch

2 speeds of operation

A Lo/Off/Hi switch to select Low/High speed.

Great for front or back doors, office, windows. Recommended for limited space. Such as, office, residential, and food trucks.