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Blue Diamond ET120 Septic Air Pump

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Blue Diamond ET120

The Enviro linear septic air pumps/aerators are known as top of the line in quality, durability, and overall air flow. If you are in the market for a new aerator, check out the ET120 today.


The ET120 contains energy efficient motors. This means that these motors only consume a minimal amount of power. The use of green technology puts The Blue Diamond ET120 one step above all the other competition. Rest assured that this aerator is an amazing friend to the environment. Even when it is used continuously, only minimal power is exerted. Despite the low power usage, the ET120 still has some of the highest air flow rates known to man. The airflow will pump into your waste water and help you manage it with ease. In addition, the specially formulated diaphragm material guarantee the extended life of your aerator. Because all parts of the ET120 are weatherproof, you can rest assured that your air pumps components will never deteriorate. In addition, the ET120’s robust, compact construction makes it suitable for both intermittent as well as continuous duty applications. These specific pumps are not to be used on ponds over 5 foot in depth as the back pressure will ruin them, as it is not good for them.


Not only is this aerator used by consumers, it is also known as the tool used by original equipment manufacturers of NSF certified residential sewage treatment systems. The use of this product by these manufactures proves that this product is top notch. Make cleaning out your septic tank a breeze with The Blue Diamond ET120 Septic Air Pump.  MAX DEPTH 8 FT.