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DrinkPod Countertop Bottleless Cooler Pro Series with 1000 Touch Controls, Ultra Violet Sterilization and Ultra Plus 3 Filtration

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IAn intuitively designed Countertop bottle-less water cooler with Pro Level features. The most incredible feature of the all-new 1000 Series, is its tiny size. Maintaining its minimal footprint of less than 2 cu. ft. while still featuring 3 temperature modes is nothing less than a leap forward in drinking technology.
  • Modern design with industrial grade high gloss hull construction
  • Cold, hot and ambient temperature mode controls and status lights
  • Installation bundle kit included
  • Anti-bacterial illuminated touch sensitive control panel
  • EZ swap dual seal ultra plus 3 combined hybrid filter pod
  • UV light sterilization
  • Storage tanks heavily insulated energy efficient hot and cold
  • Environmentally aware energy saving Eco-Mode
  • QUICKslide easy to remove drip tray and reservoir to capture drippage
  • Electronic dispenser with quick fill mode
  • Purification at its best: touch controls, ultra violet sterilization and ultra plus 3 filtration
  • UltraVi technology: eliminates all bacteria by blasting it with UV light moments before it dispenses
  • Pro level features: environmentally aware energy saving eco-mode
  • Eco Options and Energy Efficiency