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Pet Tennis Launcher Set

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Can not accompany your love pet play?it is listless daily?Don't worry,now it is coming!

there are 2 models, one is automatic with power, the other is non automatic.
  • 5cm(smaller than regular size tennis ball) diameter elastic tennis, suit for small age pet bite
  • Three-stage launch distance control, adapt to different small indoor space
  • Launching and fetching balls is most dog's favorite game
  • Mini body, not take up space, easy to place, fit in the free corner
  • Let you play with your love pet, even if you are busy it can help your pets keep healthy and dynamic

Automatic Set

Battery: 6xAA battery
It contains 3 diameter 5cm ball,a power cord plug,a launcher and a product brochure.

How to use

Press the power switch to turn on three seconds later, the power indicator light up.After three seconds of power switch, the main machine is off.
After starting up, press a few power switches respectively to select the throw distance of 3 meters /6 meters /9 meters.
The ball crossing at the bottom of the host tennis ball has infrared sensor.Scanning every 10 seconds, the host can deliver the ball every 10 seconds.

Non Automatic set

Size: 16*x16*20cm
No battery no power switch, just put the ball the pet food on the toys then pets play for it.

This product giving dogs around the world the opportunity to play fetch to their hearts' content. With it, your dog will never be bored again. It brings you and your pets a playtime.